Stacey Noles

Hi there! It amazes me that no matter where I go in the Pensacola area (and people find out my name) I always get “Hey I grew up listening to you on the radio!” or “I recognize you from the radio!” I’ve been working in radio in Pensacola since 1996 (starting out behind the scenes and then eventually on air). To me there really is no better place to call home than right here. I got my start in broadcasting in high school when I used to anchor the morning announcements for our campus closed-circuit TV station (yes there is video of me as a 17-18 year- old kid sitting at an anchor desk doing the morning announcements. I may get brave one day and post that to Youtube, haha.) But after high school I realized radio was my passion. I grew up in Panama City and was on-air at a couple of radio stations there as well as a brief stint in Lynchburg, Virginia before coming to Pensacola in 1996. I have probably worked every shift you can imagine in radio from doing overnights (as the “Original Night Owl” for many years) to mornings and fill-in’s (as well as just about every format you can imagine.)

Currently you can catch me each weekday morning between 6 and 9am and each weekday afternoon between 3:30 and 5:30pm giving you updates with your “Right Now Traffic”.

In addition to my radio career I also own and operate SN DJ Entertainment, a mobile DJ service that specializes in weddings, parties, school dances, and more. SN DJ Entertainment has been in business since 2003 and it’s another passion that has helped me reach out to the community. For more information on SN DJ Entertainment you can visit our website at

If you have a question, comment, wish to say hi, or tell me you’ve grown up listening to me on the radio drop me an email! I love to read your comments!