Hurricane Center | Insurance Numbers and Information

Below is a list of toll-free numbers for major insurance providers.

If you have damage to your property, you must take reasonable measures to:

1.) As soon as possible, report damage to the agent, or insurance company, even if the cause of the damage is unknown
2.) Make temporary repairs to prevent further damage, and remember to keep receipts for any supplies necessary for those repairs
3.) Save damaged items until the adjuster inspects them. Additionally, take pictures and/or video if possible, of all damages and damaged items
4.) Make your property easily identifiable by displaying the house address and insurance company name
5.) Seek long term shelter if the property is uninhabitable and has sustained major damage. Reasonable expenses are generally reimbursed, but the “Loss of Use” coverage may be exhausted in extreme conditions
6.) Be patient. After disasters, especially larger ones, the company’s immediate response time may take longer than usual. There is no insurance law mandating a company inspect the property within a specified number of days, or that the company front the insured money, or supplies
7.) Prepare and inventory, receipt or other evidence of value and ownership, as necessary to assist in the claim settlement process
8.) On smaller losses start getting repair estimates, if possible
9.) If you disagree with the settlement offer, you may wish to elect mediation, or arbitration. However, first try to negotiate with the adjuster, or insurance company.

Above all please BE PATIENT. Have your policy number ready and call your claim in personally to your company to save time. They are doing their best to make every reasonable effort to keep delays to a minimum.

Aetna – 1-800-CLAIM33
AIG Specialty Auto – 1-888-244-6163
Allstate – 1-800-547-8676
Atlanta Casualty – 1-800-225-8078
Bristol West – 1-800-680-8020
Business – 1-800-238-6225
Capitol Preferred – 1-888-388-2742
Citizens Property & Casualty – 1-866-411-2742
Cypress – 1-877-352-9773
Deerbrook – 1-800-253-6611
Flood – 1-800-356-6663
Florida Family Mutual – 1-888-486-4663
Florida Select – 1-888-700-0101
Foremost – 1-800-527-3907
GMAC – 1-800-468-3466
Liberty American (MHIA) – 1-800-993-8911
Mendota – 1-800-422-0793
Mercury – 1-800-489-7001
Nationwide – 1-800-421-3535
Progressive – 1-800-776-4737
Prudential – 1-800-437-3535
State Farm – 1-800-732-5246
Travelers – 1-800-CLAIM33
Vanguard Fire & Casualty 1-888-343-5585


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