Hurricane Center | Basic Information and Important Phone Numbers

The Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale is a 1-5 rating based on a hurricane’s sustained wind speed.  Hurricanes that reach category 3 or higher are considered major hurricanes because of their potential for significant damage and possible loss of life.  Category 1 and 2 storms are still dangerous and require preparation and close attention.  The scale does not address the potential for storm surge, flooding or tornadoes.  

Important Phone Numbers

:  800-621-3362

Law Enforcement
Emergency ONLY:  9-1-1
Escambia County Florida Sheriff:  850-436-9630
Pensacola Police Department:  850-436-1900
Santa Rosa County Sheriff:  850-981-2230
Milton Police Department:  850-983-5420
Okaloosa County Sheriff:  (North) 850-689-5705  (South) 850-651-7400
Baldwin County Sheriff:  251-937-0202
Escambia County Alabama Sheriff:  251-867-0304

ECUA:  850-476-0480
Escambia River Electric Co-op:  850-675-4521
Farm Hill Utilities:  850-968-2573
Gulf Power Outage Line:  800-487-6937
Pensacola Energy:  850-474-5300

The first step in being prepared is to have a plan.  Take time before the storm to know your evacuation zone, route and where shelters are located.


This means you need to have enough food, water and supplies for each person in your household to last at LEAST 72 hours after the storm.  Take time to figure out how much food, water and supplies you’ll need and purchase those items at the beginning of hurricane season.  Many people wait until there is a direct threat of a storm to purchase those items and often times find themselves in long lines and not able to find what they need.  If you purchase your hurricane kit ahead of time, you’ll save a lot of time and hassle.  If you live on a budget, purchase your hurricane kit a little at a time and set it aside in your house.  In addition to non-perishable food, you’ll need to consider having the following items on hand:

First aid kit
Battery operated radio
Can opener – hand operated
Matches or lighter

Generators and gas powered machinery should never be operated in your house, garage or shed.  When generators run in an enclosed area, it builds up carbon monoxide and can be lethal.


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