Chuck Whitaker

Chuck Whitaker

Monday – Saturday 3pm-7pm

ChuckHeadShotAbout me: I was born and raised in the Augusta, Georgia area, lived in Savannah, Atlanta, the Dallas area briefly and few small towns in my early radio days. I’ve traveled from Maine to Southern California and seen a lot of cool places, but I think this is one of the best areas of all! There are so many awesome and beautiful places in the Pensacola area. I’m thrilled to be here playing music on Today’s Soft Rock 94.1 while you work. Does it get much better than this?

Children: 1 son, 2 daughters

Things I like: Butter pecan ice cream, the beach, happy dogs, kids playing, football, banana pudding…okay, I’m getting hungry

Favorite TV Shows: The Voice, Modern Family, HGTV, Dateline, 60 Minutes, Letterman, Fallon, Breaking Bad

Favorite movies: Something’s Gotta Give, Gravity, Apocalypse Now, Blazing Saddles, Shawshank Redemption, A Wonderful Life and many, many more!

Favorite music: I like it all from Sinatra to Led Zeppelin to Bruno Mars and everything in between. I’ve always said “there’s only two kinds of music, good and bad.”

I love bringing you all the great music we play at Today’s Soft Rock 94.1. I hope you keep us on at work or wherever you are. Thanks for listening!